Thursday, January 7, 2016

Oven Roasted Free Range Chicken

by Josh Theisinger

Our newest menu addition is flavorful yet good for you. Our oven roasted free range chicken starts off by generously coating half of a free range chicken with grapeseed oil, fresh cracked pepper, and Fleur de Sel Salt.

Free range chicken means that it's not confined to a small shack or coop 24 hours a day for its entire life. Which, in turn, means that it's not pumped full of artificial chemicals, pesticides or GMO's and ensures that you're getting nothing but 100% chicken.

As far as some of the other ingredients...
  • Grapeseed oil is extremely light and clean tasting; it's not oily and you can still enjoy the incredible taste of crispy chicken skin
  • Fleur de Sel Salt is a French sea salt that is considered one of the best quality sea salts in the world (no average kosher salt here)

This dish is sure to keep you on track with those pesky New Year's resolutions. And coming soon, another entree to help you stay the course.

With a mild flavor and white, flaky flesh, barramundi (aka Australian Sea Bass) is next on our list of healthy options for 2016.  How it is prepared will remain a mystery though, so you'll have to stop in and find out for yourself!

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