Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chuck Prophet Returns March 25

by Ryan Anderes

This has been the brass ring that was always just inches from Ray's reach. This past week, after years of trying to come together with a date for this gig, it all fell into place.

Chuck Prophet is probably one of the favorite artists of all three of the Playlist chiefs (i.e. Ray, Tom Ptak and Bernie Victor). This will be his 3rd appearance at The Uptown Playlist Theater. He will be appearing as a special solo performance.

Chuck Prophet
Friday, March 25th at 7:30 pm  |  $25.00

We want to let you know that there are just a few tickets that remain. This show WILL sell out, and this is your last warning. Those last few tickets will not be around much longer.

Here's what Rolling Stone Magazine had to say about Prophet:

"Pulling from the funk zone, sophisticated soul music and the kind of fat, greasy blues you can make a meal on singer-songwriter Chuck Prophet nails together a sonic hybrid of urban and rural America. Since his days with psychedelic brown dirt cowboys Green on Red through his Nineties work fronting his band, Prophet's made sideways soulful and bluesy rock and roll his business. More than country-fried licks slapped on top of slam-dunk rock, Prophet's American sights and sounds are fed through a compassionate lens. Straight-up melodies are filled-in and skewed by surprises like farfisa, sitar and strings, as Prophet turns the dusties and undesirables into shiny jewels. Stories of little criminals, unknown legends and waste-cases (and sometimes all three) are firefly-electric in their naturalness. Combine that with a dirty rock & roll vocal and that whalloping guitar, and you've got an undeniably American mix of stuff that's easily digested but still dangerous. Like donuts -- what's not to like?"

Sample the video above for "Sister Lost Soul" to check out Chuck for yourself. Did we mention he's also appeared on Letterman? View that video here.


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