Friday, March 4, 2016

Paul Cebar and Tomorrow Sound Return

by Ray Anderes

About a month back I was very pleased to see a full page article in the Chicago Tribune paying homage to Paul Cebar, one of the Midwest's best live performers. He deserves it!

He loves to play here. I am not sure why, but we love to have him. More so than anyone who has performed here multiple times, Paul and his spectacular band can get the room moving. In the past, we have had him here at some pretty odd times of the year. This time, with heading into summer, I hope we can get a room full swaying to his afro, reggae calypso beat. Sample the video for "Summer Starts Right Now" at right for an idea of his style.  I can promise you a very fun show.

Saturday, May 21st  |  7:30 pm
$20 General Admission

We are expecting the same great band as we have had in the past. Drummer Reggie Bordeaux and keyboardist-saxophonist Bob Jennings have been with him 19 years straight. They are joined by percussionist Mac Perkins, a New Orleans native who was in the band early on, and bassist Mike Fredrickson.

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