Thursday, February 14, 2013

Defining "Freshness"

I came across an article that explains the new connotation for the word "fresh" when used in terms of food.  With marketing and advertising for large fast food chains, the word "fresh" has steered away from the meaning of something that is relatively new, to that of something being "healthy."  For example, McDonald's recently started promoting their salads as "yummy, fresh, freedom in a bowl."  When people read fresh salad, they think it's a healthy alternative to what McDonald's typically offers.  But when this salad is topped with all the extras of chicken, dressing, and other toppings, most of these meals have the same caloric value as that of their cheeseburgers and fries.

This same marketing style goes hand in hand with the popular burrito tex-mex Chipotle chain.  Chipotle advertises their food as super fresh and cooked in the restaurant, but does not have any different nutritional value than that of a Taco Bell meal.  Americans fall for the hype of this "fresh" craze because of the connotations that it provides.  When we think of fresh, we think of "superior" to most anything else.  This in turn leads us to believe that fresh is healthier and better for us, which in most cases is not true.  While these large markets are trying to find ways to keep consumers coming back for more, in the end they're still getting the same processed food from before, just packaged differently.

As a local restaurant, we do not abide by these new fashions of telling people something is "fresh and healthy" but instead serving processed foods.  With shipments coming in 2-3 days a week, we are able to truly provide a "fresh" meal and specials that are constantly changing so that no product gets old and "sits around."  Don't buy into the marketing schemes of large companies that look to con-volute the two separate meanings of fresh and healthy.  Instead stop in and see us where we are able to give you an experience that truly defines "fresh and healthy" without the necessity to process any of our meals.

From the tuna burger to our hand-cut french fries, we've got something for everyone (and even some splurge items for when a "wholesome" meal just won't do the trick)!

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