Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dining on the Holidays:
Extending Valentine's Day

Growing up in the restaurant industry has provided many challenges. Every holiday season repeats the same challenge and raises the same question; "When can I celebrate the holiday with my family?" Valentines Day is no different for all of us within this industry. As you grow and work in the restaurant business, you become conditioned to plan your holiday, around the holiday. Each year, we head into the holiday week knowing that we won't be doing anything but working, on the "Big Day." But we do spend time planning what day that week, will be our day. 

As the seasons go on, it is becoming increasingly more apparent that many of our customers, friends and family, are in that same boat. Whether it be work, travel or simply time, many things are happening in our daily lives that see us celebrating the holidays, around the holidays.

Just because you can't bring your loved one out on Valentines this Thursday, it doesn't mean you've missed your chance. Each year, we notice more and more that while we are very busy on the "Big Day," we have become increasingly busier around the "Big Day." Just this last Saturday, four days before Valentines Day, we had an hour and a half wait list by 6:00pm. We expect more of the same this weekend as more and more people are fitting the holidays into their schedules and not vice versa.

In the end, does it really matter what day you show your love OR that you've shown it?

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