Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Cappuccino Machine Meet the New Member of Our Family, Franke

Many times on a busy shift I would see the glazed over eyes of a server. "I need a cappuccino!" Believe it or not, often in crunch time the bartender, manager or even the CEO would end up helping out in these situations. For years we have used an old relic our "Astoria" for making cappuccino, espresso and other coffee drinks. Everything was done manually. Not only did it take time, the entire set up consumes much space in our kitchen and is not conveniently located. 

We recently purchased a fully automated Franke Flair espresso/cappuccino machine. Not only is it in a much more centrally located kitchen position it will be faster and require nothing but a push of a button to pour you a perfect espresso, latte or cappuccino. It also will make our coffee drinks much more consistent. As hard as it to train a barista to make only coffees all day long, try training 30 service personnel, whose main job is service, to make coffee drinks the proper way. It does not lend itself to consistency.

So fear no more when ordering that coffee drink. It is as easy as pushing a button. We hope you enjoy!

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