Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playlist Theater ~ Sam Baker Speaks about the Boston Bombing

I like to keep track of some of our Uptown Playlist Theater Alumni.One of my all time favorite shows was an Austin based singer songwriter by the name of Sam Baker. Before I knew his story I was attracted to the beautiful simplicity of his music. Afterwards I found out Sam was the victim of a terrorist bombing as a pretty young man. This is something he has seldom if ever spoken about. Back in the 80s he was on a train in Peru South America. He was sitting with a German family of three including a young boy. A terrorist group by the name of the shinning path had planted a bomb on the train. The family was killed and and Sam was severely maimed both physically and mentally. He came very close to dying and required years of surgeries and therapy. He lost most of his left hand which is why he plays guitar backwards. 

Last week Sam spoke about about the incident with the purpose of putting it in context with the events in Boston a couple of weeks ago. He speaks to it as only someone with his experience could possible be able.I just thought this was something worthy of sharing with our readers in the hopes that one day we could get Sam back here for another show.


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