Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Cheeses Added to Sampler

As many of its die-hard fans may know, we take dedication and pride in selecting our cheeses for our artisanal cheese sampler.  Just recently, we were able to get our hands on a few new cheeses to bring a new flavor and style to this eclectic opportunity that is available to anyone at any time of the day.  

1. CORSENDONK BRUGGE: This Belgium made cow's milk was made famous by the same group of monks who make the famous Corsendonk abbey style beer.  Most closely associated with a creamy Gouda, this cheese is semi-matured over a period of four months to create a creamy, smooth and low salt content cheese that serves as a perfect lead-in to the remaining four cheeses.

2. PENA GORDA: A goat's milk cheese made in Spain, this cheese is semi-hard compared to the creamier consistencies of many other similar cheeses.  Leading with a fresh and slightly salty flavor, this ivory-colored cheese finishes with hints of flowers and earthy undertones that pairs perfectly with a glass of light white wine.

3. COTTONWOOD RIVER CHEDDAR: Our newest addition to the group, this raw milk cheddar is developed through a unique process that leads into a full, slightly sweet flavor without the typical acidic bit of many artisanal cheddars.  Hailing from Kansas, this is a pale yellow cheese with a firm body.

4. COACH FARM TRIPLE CREAM: This brie style goat milk cheese is dotted with green peppercorns to create a mildly peppery finish to a rather soft and palatable cheese.

5. CARR VALLEY PENTA CREME BLUE: One of the most top-rated cheeses according to everyone hear at the Uptown!  This revolutionary creamy blue is master crafted to be the most decadent blue available.  Five cans of fresh cow cream are added to the vat for a beautiful and memorable blue that has a silky finish with hints of earthy undertones.

While we offer extravagant cheeses on our artisanal cheese sampler, it doesn't require an extravagant reason (or price) to enjoy it.  Available all day, everyday, it's a perfect warm up to your favorite lunch or dinner.  Or feel free to enjoy it alone with a glass of wine on our patio!

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