Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pepper Steak Pappardelle

It is extremely difficult to pair any type of beef with a pasta dish. The flavors typically don't mix well, or the consistency of the beef isn't good enough to be the main component of the dish. Here at the Uptown we are always up for a good challenge, and today we are proud to say we have successfully created a dish that combines both beef and a delicious pasta dish that is sure to please any palette!

Our chef has created a pepper filet and portobello mushroom over pappardelle pasta. This is not just any piece of beef being tossed into the dish. This is hand sliced, lightly seasoned and grilled 6 oz. filet mignon. After your filet is grilled to perfection, it is mixed with freshly grilled portobello mushrooms and placed over pappardelle pasta in a tangy cream sauce. This helps balance out the meat with a smooth, creamy sauce.

Pappardelle is a long flat noodle that looks like a bigger version of fettuccine. To get the best idea of this dish, one could slightly compare it to that of a beef stroganoff. We add sour cream to our cream based sauce to give it a slight zest at the end of every bite. While the portions may be large, the sauce is light and will not leave you with the weighted down feeling afterwords (which is perfect to leave room for dessert!)

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