Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Morel of the Story

It does not seem like anyone can predict exactly when the morels are going to start popping. This past weekend, we received 4 phone calls in a matter of 2 hours as to if we were interested in some morels. So the term popping is very accurate. Since then, we have been able to acquire even more. I cannot tell you how long they will last.

After last year's disappointing harvest, this year seems to be a bumper crop. The morel mushroom - to my knowledge - is one of the few mushrooms that have yet to be commercially grown, at least consistently. The only one that can send us these tasty morsels is Mother Nature.

While supplies last we are offering them lightly battered with seasoned flour. We team them up with some sweet Vidalia onion petals and serve them with a side dish of garlic mayonnaise.

Want to know more about morels?  Check out these great links:

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