Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Food Menu Additions

We recently sat down and analyzed our dining room food menu, and I want to inform you of some new additions - along with what I almost hate to mention, subtractions - to our menu selection. Each month we sit down and discuss many things that relate to what we put on our menu. It may be cost, storage, time to prepare, holding quality, appearance, etc. The list can be quite long. The panel of owner, managers and employees that review these changes always have conflicting opinions on what should stay and what should go.

However, in order to run an efficient restaurant with an interesting menu, it is essential that we talk about each item we offer. For those items that have left us, they will not be forgotten. We promise you will find them one day back on the specials menu. For those that are looking for new and interesting dishes that we come up with, some of these items you will now find available, every day.

What was left behind....... The items you will no longer find on our daily menu will include our reuben sandwich, tuna burger, chocolate chip cookies, bread pudding and chocolate cobbler. For some reason I can hear many of you screaming "Nooooooo!"  We know we will have a few unhappy people, but again, we hope that we will introduce you all to some new and interesting things this summer.

What's new:

Salmon Burger
Although the tuna burger was a great sandwich, it had its challenges. The flavor combination was excellent; however, when you think of sashimi grade tuna, you normally think of it being prepared raw or rare and a lot of people expected this with this sandwich. Unfortunately, it was not feasible to prepare it this way, and if by chance the cooks accidentally over cooked it, the whole flavor profile we were aiming for was off. The inconsistencies, along with the rising price of tuna, called for a change. Our new salmon burger is prepared a lot like the tuna with fresh ground salmon, capers, red onions and cilantro served with alfalfa sprouts, chipotle mayonnaise and tomato on 9-grain wheat bread. This is my new favorite sandwich.

Grouper Sandwich
No, this is not completely new to our menu, but it is a new look. While only raising it by $1.00, we have doubled its size! Now this is a grouper sandwich we are proud of. A full grouper filet served with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tartar sauce on our housemade sesame seed bun.

Chocolate Lava Armageddon
Forget death by chocolate, this is the newest chocolate lovers dessert that we have to offer. It is the cousin to our chocolate cobbler, so rest assured we have kept chocolate as part of our dessert selection. Who can resist chocolate, right?  This has everything you ever wanted with chocolate. Chocolate fudge, chocolate brownie, chocolate cream and chocolate syrup. What makes this dish perfect is when we serve an ice cold scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fresh raspberries to top it off. I should also mention that you'll want to bring someone with to help you savor it... this rich, sizeable dessert serves between 2 and 4 people!

Heath Bar Cookies
This should make a lot of people happy... or at least we hope it does!  Just like we replaced our chocolate menu selection with something similar, we knew we couldn't eliminate cookies entirely.  We hope this proves to be one of your new favorites!

We invite you to come in and enjoy some of our new food creations, and certainly, please share your thoughts on those "retired" items you miss!

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