Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garlic Hummus

With this unbearable heat hitting the Illinois Valley within the last week, we're trying to find ways to keep everyone cool.  No one wants to feel weighted down with hot and heavy dishes, so we're offering an appetizer that is the complete opposite.

Housemade roasted garlic hummus is the perfect way to enjoy a fresh and cool dish that will help you beat the heat.  Our version is made with freshly ground chick peas, roasted garlic, and tahini paste (made from a base of ground sesame seeds).

Hummus is a cold dip packed with protein, high sources of dietary fiber, and vitamin C that is popular in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries.  Served before every meal in Lebanese cuisine, this dish is primarily an appetizer and is typically served with fresh chips or vegetables.

Here at the Uptown, we are serving ours with freshly fried chips and an assortment of freshly cut vegetables as the perfect accompaniment to this cold dish. This fresh and cold snack is the perfect way to start off a cool evening in the dining room with a glass of wine and good company!

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