Thursday, July 18, 2013

Refreshing Summer Cocktails

This week's weather has been.....pure hell, has it not? The temperature and humidity have skyrocketed this past week and has almost seemed like it forgot to chill out and get back to more comfortable, normal levels. But I guess this is Illinois isn't it?

Anyway, in order to bear the humid weather, cool refreshing summer drinks are what we are here for. Our latest batch of featured summer cocktails that feature a few favorites from around the world are sure to cool you after a long, hot and humid day.

From Cuba......The Blueberry Mojito
The original Mojito is the national drink of Cuba. In fact, it is known as a Cuban margarita. Made with white rum, fresh mint, granulated sugar (this abrasive ingredient really brings out the flavors of the mint), fresh lime and sparkling water. Fresh mint with an ice cold cocktail in itself is sure to cool you off, but we provide a fruity twist to this traditional favorite. Stoli blueberry vodka, fresh mint and touch of lemon juice are a great summer refresher.

From Brazil....The Caipirinha This interesting cocktail from South America has been known to be the best cocktail to come from south of the equator. There are many stories about the caipirinha's origin; however, the best known comes from São Paulo. The original caipirinha as we know it today would have been created from a popular recipe made with lemon, garlic and honey, indicated for patients of Spanish flu. It is made with cachaca (a liquor made from distilled sugarcane juice), sugar and fresh lime.

From Spain...... Sangria
Sangria has been the drink of choice year round in Spain and Portugal. However, the summer seems to be the best time to enjoy this cocktail. Essentially a wine fruit punch consisting of fresh fruit, chilled wine, a sweetner and brandy. Traditionally it's made with red wine, but through its evolution, white or blush wine works just as well. What makes this drink interesting is the fresh fruit that it is made with. The possibilities are endless and it can be quite fun trying to come up with your best fruit combination. That is what you will find here... creativity in a glass! The day's flavor may be something like a Strawberry Pineapple, Peach & Mango or Blue & Red Raspberry. You'll have to ask your server to see what interesting combination we have come up with for the day.  

From U.S.A ...Strawberry Cosmopolitan
20 years down the road we will look at this being an American classic. Although the origin of the cosmopolitan can be disputed, it is believed that the drink was created by different bartenders in the 1970's from all parts of the country. The original was made with citron vodka, but there have been alterations. Our flavored version consists of Absolut vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and a fresh strawberry puree.

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