Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Port Brewing Summer Pale Ale

This week comes another new addition to our draft beer selection for the summer. Rightfully so, we have brought in one of Port Brewing Company's seasonal brews called Summer Pale Ale. Ahhh, nothing better to cool off on a hot summer day than with this West Coast-style pale ale!

Port's Summer Pale Ale is their version of the West coast style of a pale ale. It has a ton of spicy hop character with a medium body and a dry finish. When first tilting back this beer, you will get a large nose rush of citrus and a piney hops. Although the intense hops can seem overwhelming at first, the second drink you really get to savor what Port has put into this beer. Come give this brew a try for yourself.... and remember, it's a summer pale ale so it will not be around for too long.

The story of the brewing company behind the beer is a bit interesting. A brother and sister from San Diego really loved the art of brewing. They originally started at their homes in creating some very interesting brews. They met the owners of a local pizza restaurant (called Pizza Port) over this hobby and wanted to share what they had created. The four started making a select few hand crafted high hop beers back in 1992 at their restaurant.

Of course over time they wanted to expand, and in 2005 the answer came when the Stone Brewing company moved out of its original location in San Marcos and opened a larger one. This old Stone brewery was picked up by the foursome and production quickly expanded. May 5th, 2006 was the grand opening of the Port Brewing Company. The next year it was recognized at the Great American Beer Festival as the Small Brewery of the Year. Fast forward to today and the company has almost doubled its beer production and distribution has reached both coasts of the country (and places in between, including the Uptown)!

We have added some amazing beers of the course of the last few months in order to keep new things coming in fresh each season. Whether it be food or drink, we always strive to introduce new things to all of you. ready for another new brew maybe next week to add to our list.

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