Friday, August 2, 2013

Parking Ticket Fines

Everyone always complains that the price of everything in the city is always more expensive than outside. For instance, a $7 drink here may cost you $13 in a big city. Higher prices have even found their way into law enforcement within many major cities.

Just recently, the San Francisco Chronicle released an article stating that the price of parking tickets will raise substantially to $75 per ticket.  This ticket fine will set you back just about the same as a meal at a nice restaurant.  Ticket fines in San Francisco will be the highest fines for a parking ticket than any other city in the nation... only barely beating New York and Chicago who both have $65 fines.  While you may think "Well these are large cities and have a lot of traffic that needs to be monitored carefully," other major cities such as New Orleans and Philadelphia only have $20-$25 tickets.

It never fails that on a busy Saturday night here at the Uptown, we always get comments that people had to walk a few blocks or had difficulty finding parking spots around the building.  But think about it - if you go to a major city, most parking spots that aren't run by a meter will set you back $25-$50 for only a couple hours of parking and you're still going to have to walk a good distance to get anywhere close to shopping districts or tourist spots. 

You can also keep in mind that many times we have to walk farther in parking lots like the mall or large department store just to reach the front door.  While we here at the Uptown enforce a strict parking policy to our staff to ensure that customers get the best parking spots, we need to remember that in a small town, we do have it pretty easy.

I would never expect LaSalle's $10 parking ticket violations to ever reach $75. Plus, having to walk only two or three blocks to get to my destination isn't all that bad.  So save yourself a little bit of extra money by avoiding those large tickets and come see us... where we promise that our prices never reach big city limits.

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