Friday, August 2, 2013

New Equipment & Please Meet Andy Frasco

We are serious about our sound! Or are we just geeks because we added some new equipment. Since the addition of Mario Data (our engineer) to our Playlist Theater crew, no other addition has sparked more comments than the replacement of our main speakers with new JBL speakers.

We just completed the package by replacing the rest of our speakers with JBL speakers from the same line. For the corners we added the smaller brother to the main speakers. We are using now, the JBL VRX928LA. They will be placed above the stage and work to fill in the corners better. We also bought a new sub woofer - a JBL VRX918SP. I know that these numbers will not mean much to most of you, but we are now 100% JBL, and I think you will notice a further improvement in the quality of our shows.

This upgrade is just in time for our next show: Andy Frasco and the United Nations. There are not too many shows that I feel the need to push like this. I have seen him and can say DO NOT MISS THIS!

High energy party blues. Five great musicians. Andy's show has the charisma of a Griffin House and the fun of a Chuck Prophet. I can see having him play here whenever he comes through the Midwest.

See for yourself.  Check out Andy's YouTube page with quick access to all of his greatest videos.

One other note of interest: I was recently setting up the details of this show with his planner, and he asked us if we had room for 40 foot tour bus and trailer. We have yet to see someone bring a rig this big on the road. I got the impression he had a pretty small entourage. It sounds like this is something new.

Has he been discovered? It also sounds like he is traveling with and additional person. I will keep you updated.

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