Thursday, August 8, 2013

Single Cheese Samples

The new digital menus have given us a chance to utilize the variety of artisanal cheeses in our kitchen. If there was one comment we received more than any other in regards to our cheese sampler, it is that that we needed to find a way to offer just one cheese. Well, this new menu affords us the opportunity! We have an entire menu page dedicated to our cheeses from around the world. 

The reason behind wanting to offer single cheese samples is because some of the cheeses that come in, are not only some of the most flavorful cheeses we have ever tasted, but they also feature many interesting aspects. From cheeses that come in completely covered in leaves or aged in a dark cave for eight months, to a Swiss cheese from my grandparents' home town of St. Galen, Switzerland or from a small town in Fithian, Illinois, there are so many interesting stories or handling processes behind their exterior. Now, with the quick touch of a menu screen, we can share this information with you. 
As we have put these samplers together, we usually have a favorite or denote one as the "most interesting." Now, you can read through the list and pick out the one you find the most intriguing. You can even try and pair it with your favorite salad, appetizer or wine.
My favorite combination, though, would be pairing the #5 offering (typically bleu cheese) out of the listing of 6 choices, with one of the Tawny Port wines off of our port wine list. The possibilities are endless... try for yourself!


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