Thursday, August 8, 2013

You Think This is Easy?
If We Delete Your Favorite Menu Item...

No, I am not stealing a slogan from my long-time friendly competitor the Monari family. Many years ago, they coined that phrase about our business and since then no one has said it better.
Now that we have this great tool for handling our menu presentation, someone had to sit down and make the actual decisions. It is always hard to determine what has to be pruned in order to enable new growth. Several years ago when we took shrooms off the menu, we had an organized group - "The Shroomies" - protest the move.  We told them if they could get 100 people in a Facebook group we would bring them back. I never heard whether they were successful.  We tried to locate the group to see if they're still in action but had no luck.
I just want show how hard it is. This past Sunday as we are putting the finishing touches on the menu, my son Ryan was reviewing one of the tablets at home with his wife and my granddaughter Emersyn. Upon the realization that her favorite dish was taken off the menu, I got the following text message (video) from her. What's a Grandpa to do? You think this is easy?

In order to add things, we do need to take some things off. If we took one of your favorites off, let us know. With as easy as it is to make these new digital changes, we just might have it return....

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