Friday, August 2, 2013

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur

As the last of the summer heat blazes through the next month, nothing sounds more refreshing than a cool drink made with lemonade. Our fresh squeezed lemon shakeups are sure to take the hot summer heat away, but we are currently making them even more refreshing by adding a tasty citrus flavor with the help of Solerno Blood Orange liqueur.

Solerno Blood Orange liqueur is a spirit that comes from the creator of Hendrick's gin - Lesley Gracie. (Another one of my favorites spirits). Solerno blood oranges come exclusively from the slopes of Mt. Etna on the island of Sicily. Solerno starts with a nose burst of blood orange, red berries, orange blossoms and a hint of lemon. On the palate, it is smooth with a mild sweetness, full body and a long dry finish - just like fine wine.

What makes this liqueur special is that the blood oranges are hand picked at the "right" time in its short growing season. Within a day of its picking, the fruit is processed to get the perfect citrus oils and flavor to make this spirit. This oil is blended with Italian lemons and lightly sweetened with natural sugar. Not only does the flavor of this spirit make the perfect cocktail, the bottle itself is something to admire. It is bottled in a Murano style - also called Venetian - deep ruby red (like the blood orange) bottle. 

Come taste a little bit of Italy these next few weeks with the late summer heat. Not only could you enjoy this spirit with our fresh squeezed lemon shakeup, it also goes well as highball mixed with club soda or even as an refreshing after dinner drink.  Chill out on our patio this month with one of these refreshing drinks.

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