Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hail to Our Caesar!

The single most popular salad on restaurant menus in the United States is the Caesar salad. Because it is so common place, it is often overlooked. After all, a Caeser salad is just a Caeser salad. Well not here. Over the years we've had several incarnations of our Caesar salad, but we've always been serious about putting out the best possible product for you.
What are the keys to a great Caesar salad?
Let's start with the dressing, which we make in house with Parmesan cheese and just a touch of anchovy.  It is absolutely delicious.
Probably the next most important thing is the romaine. Many places use the entire head which can be bitter, dark green and soggy.  We use only the hearts... crisp, light colored and sweet.
Next most common ingredient is probably a crouton, which we also make from scratch using our day-old focaccia bread, lightly buttered, seasoned and re-baked in the oven.
We use only grape tomatoes. We cut them in half so they are bite sized and don't shoot across the room. Grape tomatoes seem to carry the best flavor throughout the year. Also to return a little sweet tang, we add nice soft, moist, sun-dried tomato.
Just recently, we added an option for topping your salad: white anchovies. A white anchovy has a much cleaner taste than the darker brown ones. Also it is not nearly as salty or fishy.  These little buggers are considerably more expensive and are imported directly from Italy.

Also we have a whole slew of other options for topping your Caesar salad. These include:
  • grilled butter garlic chicken breast
  • grilled portobello mushroom
  • salmon burger
  • seared tuna
  • black bean veggie burger
  • fried chicken breast
  • applewood smoked bacon
Even with something as mundane as a Caeser salad, we sweat the details. This is what makes it "not just another menu item."

Hail to Our Caeser!

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