Thursday, September 19, 2013

States with Best Access for Great Beers

We all know you can walk into just about any grocery store, gas station or convenient store, and you will find all those mass-produced corporate beers. You know which ones I am talking about... the Millers, Budweisers, Coors etc. of the beer world.
However, the craft beer market is a little bit different. Why is it so hard sometimes to find some of the great beers out there? Well, believe it or not, Illinois is one of the best states for having the broadest selections available.

A lot of these small craft brewers only make a limited supply of their products and they are not always available year round. For the beer consumers.....we understand this? It just makes us want it more! Another problem involves distribution. Not all small craft breweries bring beers to all parts of the country, and it is not like you can just go on the Internet and order from whatever brewery that you want. There are laws in place that restrict this.

Fortunately, there are some states that have a little more luck than others at bringing in some of these amazing beers, and Illinois is one of them. I came across an article that listed a website - Seek-a-Brew - which keeps track of what beers are distributed in which states so you don't have to.  Plus, you can search by either state or beer.
The site also allows you to compare state to state and see who has the better selection. This is how it has been determined that Illinois is in the top 3 of having the broadest selection of craft beers available! We actually have over 275 different brands available to us!
As the craft beer craze continues to grow, and more and more breweries are opening each year... wow!  There are some amazing brews out there!  Cheers to every beer connoisseur who make their creative efforts available and allow us to give them a taste. And thanks Illinois for allowing such a wide range of them to be available!

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