Thursday, September 19, 2013

Master of Sound: Mario Data

When we first opened the Playlist Theater, some of our equipment (including sound), though sufficient, was not exactly state-of-the-art. Plus, we were kind of learning as we went. The shows were a ton of work from a set-up and sound-check standpoint, yet every show came together flawlessly.  We never had any major hiccups, and we learned a little bit more with every show.
We are so grateful for the amazing effort it took to make the theater into what it has become today! Without those first few years of tireless effort and volunteer time from Bernie Victor to produce each show, we would not be doing this right now!
But even with all Bernie's help, there came a point when we determined that being in charge of the show, the restaurant AND the production of the show was just too much.  Plus, some of our sound equipment that Bernie had to work with in back was a bit on the primitive side.
So when the expertise and resources of Mario Data - a sound engineer - fell into our lap, we decided to take a chance. We hoped that allowing Mario to take care of production would mean less work, effort and time for all involved. We hoped, at a minimum, we would learn a few things from Mario and free up some time, all while improving the overall quality of our venue. 
Well, not only have we improved the quality of sound, but Mario also offered advice on boosting our shows with things like lighting and new equipment purchases that would mesh well with his mixer. Mario has helped us to improve our appeal to all types of artists traveling through our surrounding area. So much so, that now they are taking his sound and using it for their online marketing tools.
Last month, Andy Frasco and The United Nations visited the Playlist Theater and had an absolute great time. About a week later, this video appeared online. The sound you hear in the back, was mixed from Andy's performance HERE by, none other, than our own Mario Data.
When Mario sent us this link, he said, "Had I known they were going to use it like this, I would have done better, but it still came out pretty good."
Scary to think he can do better, because to me, it sounds pretty darn good the way it is. Kudos to you Mario!

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