Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cake Taste Trends

You can have your cake and drink it, too? Recently, the food and liquor industry has succumbed to a new flavor trend that is currently sweeping the market. Cake-flavored foods and drinks are becoming ever popular for consumers.

As an industry, we notice many different trends in tastes. For example, within the last few years, the bacon trend spread throughout the U.S with bacon flavored this, or bacon wrapped that. And before that it was the emergence of green tea infused flavors. But within the last few months the rising popularity of cake flavored items has soared through the market.

While we all get older and experience the "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to phase," you can drown away your aging sorrows with cake flavored vodka. For less extreme situations, there are cake flavored yogurts, popcorns, iced tea blends, and even in odder cases, cake artificial flavorings that can be poured on anything and even leaves a slight wax and smoke taste at the end for the candle effect.

Other major brands are jumping on it too. M&M's candy just announced that they'll be making cake flavored versions of their most popular candy. While in stranger cases, the Goldfish cracker company is in the stages of releasing a cake flavored Goldfish.

Like most trends, these flavored fads generally come and go.  Many experts believe that the cake flavored phenomenon has some staying power, however, due to the positive emotional and mental feelings of happiness we often associate with birthday cakes. In any case, this trend will surely fade eventually and lead into some unusual other fad that will undoubtedly dominate the food market as well.

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