Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Are You a Foodie? Or a Junk Foodie?

October 24th was National Food Day. Quite honestly, a day I was unaware even existed. Food Day is a nationwide celebration aimed at bringing attention and awareness to healthy eating, plus using affordable and sustainable foods. Going forward, what consumers can do to honor National Food Day is to simply learn more about the issues at hand.

Eating healthy food seems harder and harder to do, but only because so much junk is readily available to us. Eating healthy is not hard, you just have to learn what is healthy and then go out and make it. Sometimes, eliminating fast food and junk food is a nice, easy start. With how busy most lives are and how time seems to be at a premium, it's all too easy for us to ignore our eating habits.

What National Food Day tries to get across is that we can't continue down that path. It's not healthy! There are too many goods out there that Americans simply don't utilize that we need to start utilizing.

To do our part to educate the consumer on healthy and sustainable foods, take this short 15 question quiz and see how much foodie knowledge you have. Some answers are quite interesting, including how much food Americans throw away each year and how much water is required to produce one serving of hamburger versus one serving of lettuce.

My personal result was 13 out of 15 (yes, I had to guess at a few, too). Good luck! Let us know what you found to be interesting in this quiz - or how you did!

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