Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coffee-Crusted Pork Filet

The weather is starting to turn, and the season for light, summery dishes is over.  With the craving for warm, comfort foods and home-cooked favorites steadily approaching, we must follow suit.

For a short time on special, we are serving something that people typically do not pair together: a coffee-crusted pork filet with a dijon mustard demi glaze and caramelized red onions. This rich and savory dish is not made with your ordinary pork chop. Pork filet is to pork as filet mignon is to beef.

The filet is braised, meaning that it is pan seared at a high heat and then slowly cooked down to create the most tender cut of meat possible. The coffee-crusted pork is paired with caramelized red onions and a dijon mustard demi glaze to balance out the rich and savory coffee flavor with a tangy, sweet finish.

Served best with a light bodied red wine or a glass of chardonnay, this is the perfect dish to fill you up on those chilly autumn nights.

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