Thursday, October 24, 2013

Digital Menus: "Pairing Pro"

Food and beverage have always gone hand in hand. When you have one, you need the other. One of the features with our new digital menus is the "Pairing Pro" that you will find with every dish on our menu. This is a feature that will help guide you to what food or beer will pair best with that particular dish. (Read on below to find out exactly how it works).

When dining out, it is always nice to find a wine that goes best with a steak or seafood dish. But current trends show that a cold brew deserves its chance at the dinner table as well. Whether it's beer OR wine, there are plenty to choose from. The possibilities are quite endless, and finding what best complements one other is a quest every time you dine out. It can be a Rubix cube of the dining experience. However, when you dine with us, we offer a little help.

As you browse our digital menus and choose a particular dish, a screen will pop up that contains the specifics about that choice. Not only will you see a picture, price and a description, you will also notice the beer and wine pairings at the bottom called our "Pairing Pro." This is one of the new features on this menu that we found the most interesting and suggest you pay attention to. What a way to help make a customer's decision on what would go best with a certain dish!

Each dish that is created, we give a score on the following categories: weight, acidity, savoriness, fat content, sweetness and spice. Each wine is also defined with scores in weight, residual sugar, acidity, fruitness and tannins. A beer is defined by body, bitterness, sweetness and color. The system then gathers all of this information and finds the best combinations to suggest a particular beer or wine to go with that dish. It is amazing how easy the system can make this complicated process.
Although, ultimately, pairings come down to personal preference, there are guidelines to help choose what goes well together. Unfortunately, we do not have a sommelier or brewmaster in the building for every hour we are serving. However, this feature will sure make it seem like we do. When a new dish is put together, we sit down and fill in the aforementioned criteria above and let the system do its work.

We hope that this will help you in that difficult position of trying to find what to drink during your meal. Oftentimes, we have all ordered something that did not work so well, or even passed on having a beer or wine during our meal. Don't let it happen again. This is one feature that will be sure to enhance your experience with us!

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