Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Draft Beer:
Great Lakes Eliot Ness Lager

This week, we are introducing a new beer to our draft selection.  Great Lakes Eliot Ness Lager is a year-round lager that goes quite well with the fall season. This beer is amber in color and has rich, fragrant malt flavors balanced by crisp, noble hops.
Eliot Ness Lager has won numerous Gold Medal awards in the World Beer Championships over the course of the last 10+ years and is rated 92 points of out 100 in Beer Advocate.  Come try this signature brew!
This award-winning lager is named for the early 1900's leader of the Untouchables. Federal agent, Eliot Ness, was part of the Bureau of Prohibition, a law enforcement agency formed to enforce the Prohibition act of 1919, most of the time in Chicago but later in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland ended up becoming the home of Ness for the remainder of his life.
The name makes sense given that Great Lakes brewery is based out of Cleveland.  No stranger to the art of craft brewing, Great Lakes was born in 1988 and has been growing ever since.
Back in the late 1800's, the city of Cleveland was a hotbed for breweries. There had been at one time over 30 different breweries within the city limits. However, times changed and fast forward 100 years... by 1980, there was not a single one left. A pair of brothers began the company Great Lakes, and with the city having been starved of a brewery, it became quite successful in a short period of time.

As Ohio’s first craft brewery, Great Lakes Brewing Company attracted curious locals and out of towners seeking high quality flavorful brews. The quality remained and so did the demand. So much in fact, they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

Great Lakes is unique in that the brewery focuses on the principles of sustainability. They avoid preservatives, synthetic chemicals and pasteurization that will harm the flavor of the beer. They reuse all of their used grains by giving to local farmers to feed their livestock or using in their brewpubs by creating fresh cracked barley beer bread. Great Lakes also organically farms land for vegetables, herbs and flowers to be used in their brewpubs. These principles are what makes them stand out in their community.

Be sure to come give this autumn favorite a try!

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