Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pate & Bruschetta

As many of you know, our menu is always ever-changing, and this week is no different. We're now featuring some new appetizers that haven't been on our menu in quite some time. Just recently, we added a country pate (pronounced Pah-Tay). This French delicacy is what we commonly refer to as meatloaf, but this is not your boring everyday, run of the mill meatloaf. Pate is a mixture of pork, spices, and cream that create a dense, almost paste-like texture when eaten and is usually the starter for most French meals.

Although it can be served hot or cold, many believe that pate does not develop its fullest flavor until after a few days of chilling. When one thinks of pate, many people commonly confuse it with its German counterpart, liverwurst. Even though they are closely related, liverwurst is strictly made of liver, while pate can be combination of many different animal parts. Here our pate is made with a combination of pork and burgundy wine then chilled to ensure that the fullest flavor possible is given to our customers. We then serve it with stone ground mustard, cornichons, sundried tomatoes and flat bread crackers for a unique finger food experience.

While you are enjoying your French delicacy, you can also keep the European cuisine theme alive by also trying our take on fresh bruschetta. While not your typical tomato-based Mediterranean dish, we serve our with thinly sliced prosciutto and ciliegine (Italian for cherry) mozzarella. We bake our own bruschetta toast and top it with ciliegine, prosciutto, housemade pesto and tomato relish with a finish of basil chiffonade. This light, yet savory dish is the perfect finger food for any occasion which will still leave plenty of room for the main course! 

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