Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enjoy Uptown at Home:
Thanksgiving Made Easy

Every year, we decide to close for Thanksgiving. We don't close very often, and when we do, it comes as a much needed break for many of our employees. We think it's important to be with family and friends during the major holidays.

But, just because we are not here on Thanksgiving doesn't mean you can't enjoy what we have to offer at your Thanksgiving table.

Time seems to get less and less for everyone these days. Whether it's because we are just that busy or because we are all always so easily accessible through our smartphones; whether it be work, family or friends, it just seems like there is always something to do. The next thing you know, the day is over and we repeat the vicious cycle day after day.

We know this makes planning and preparing for Thanksgiving a very difficult thing to do. So let us help!

We have all of our dressings available in pint jars for your Thanksgiving salad. Go ahead and take the credit, we don't mind. Use our flatbread crackers or fresh housemade focaccia and sourdough breads to pass around at your dinner. You can even order any of our salads in large catering trays. Pick it up Wednesday night and serve it Thursday afternoon. Save yourself the time of doing it on your own... we are here to help.

Dessert options are plentiful.  From our housemade walnut chocolate covered brownies or heath bar cookies, just call ahead.  We'll make sure it's trayed up and ready for you. All you have to do is stop in and pick it up. Your holiday responsibility can be over.....just like that!

Who knows, with all the time you can save yourself, you may even be able to come in for the Miles Nielsen show on Wednesday night, where you can really sit back and relax!

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