Thursday, November 21, 2013


Within the next few weeks, we're all going to be enjoying hearty, gut-busting foods with our families for the holidays.  Keeping with the spirit of the season, the Uptown is offering just one more hearty dish. Back for a short time we will be serving gnocchetti with applewood smoked bacon, fresh peas, and shallot in a white wine cream sauce.

Gnocchetti is a smaller version of the popular gnocchi. These miniature potato dumplings are served up with a far less gummy texture than their larger counterparts.  Typically known as a starting dish in Italian meals, we are featuring gnochetti as the main course! 

Served with our housemade white wine cream sauce and applewood smoked bacon, it is the perfect combination of savory and filling that truly embodies a "hearty dish." While it is served with your choice of any of our classic sides, why stop there?

Venture into something a little off the beaten path, and add on a side of roasted brussel sprouts with gorgonzola cheese and applewood smoked bacon or our own creation of southern style hominy grits topped with sauteed leeks and a blend of portobello, oyster, trumpet, and shittake mushroms.  Cause before you know it the holidays will be over and everyone will be back to their new year's diets. And while our selection is not an unhealthy choice, it'll keep you feeling full and ahead of the holiday diet curve.

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