Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Parties:
Plan your Holiday Get-Together Here

A cold December night is a great time to get together with coworkers, friends or family you have not visited in a while. As Christmas nears, shopping trips, festive lights and holiday music put that magical feeling in the air.  And while the next three weeks will be busy, you can't beat this time of year to get out of the house and have some fun! 

This is where we come in... there is no better place to gather than right here at the Uptown Grill! This time of year is special for everyone, and we feel we have so much to offer to create that perfect winter evening out. We welcome all groups - large or small - to come share some good times with us over a great meal these next few weeks.

Although we would love to host your family or company Christmas parties, we would also like to accommodate all those smaller get togethers. We welcome the floor nurses from all our area hospitals, an after-work cocktail party of local teachers or your local book clubs. You name it, we are here. Now is a good time to put together that E-vite or circulating e-mail to plan your December night out to mingle.

Here are a few other reasons it's best to plan your party with us:

Extensive Food and Drink Menu
We have the area's most diverse menu that will be sure to accommodate everyone in your group's taste and budget. You do not have to have a full course meal to come out, hang with friends and enjoy yourself. There are a ton of items on our menu to choose from.

Just because some people in the group are having entrees does not mean you have to splurge too. A housemade soup with an Uptown spinach salad, a sashimi grade tuna appetizer or one of our featured daily specials could easily do the trick. They are all great values!  Where else would you be able to choose from such a selection?

We are also a great stop after work for a few appetizers and cocktails. There is no room charge for our main dining room, nor do we limit the menu in any way for these larger groups. You could do it all. We serve the same menu lunch through dinner, every day. We also accept separate check parties, where not a lot of places allow groups of 8 more to do separate checks. We know it can be hard on everyone to add up what each person has.

Not only do we take pride in the products we serve, we strive to provide the best possible service experience. How many times have you been out with a group and had one server for your entire large group? It can be hard to take care of a larger table... everything seems to take longer, and there is more of a chance for error. It can seem like forever to get a drink, let alone wonder how the server is going to get all your food correct and out in a timely manner.

We limit the amount of customers that we let a server take care of. Where other places may give you one server, we give you 2 or 3. A server at 6 tables with 20+ people cannot provide good service to every table. Our servers' loads are continually monitored to what we feel they can provide. We feel the more our servers are available, the better the service is to you. By putting more servers on the party, someone is always available to help with drink service, getting the food out or clearing that dirty dish in front of you. We strive to bring entrees in a timely manner and with everyone getting them at the same time.

Not only do we have the best food and service in town, we have the most square footage to hold any size group. Our dining rooms are filled with all the holiday glamour of lights, wreaths, garland, poinsettas, etc. Our cozy atmosphere is sure to put everyone in that holiday mood, and it makes the evening so much more fun. Be part of the "in" crowd while other groups around you share an evening together as well. There is something about walking into a full restaurant with Christmas lights, music and a crowd having fun that puts you in that holiday mood and takes you away from all of life's everyday problems.
So come one, come all. We would love to share the holidays with you. We hope to accomomdate any occasion to get together.
  • school groups
  • business groups
  • employee groups
  • family holiday celebrations
  • clubs or community organizations

We feel we provide the most complete dining experience in the area at a reasonable cost.  Call us at 815-224-4545 to make your reservations today.


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