Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year's Eve:
Celebrate Uptown Style

Being in a supervisory position for over a year now and heading into my second New Year with the Uptown, I've come to realize that it can be compared to only one thing, a ballet. We "practice" and "rehearse" weeks before with the busy holiday season crowds.

The managers (the choreographers) let everyone know where they should be at all times and how to move among one another. Our ballerinas (the servers) glide and prance around the dining room in ease and elegance to put on a marvelous show for our customers, accompanied by our orchestra (the cooks) who work harmoniously together to create a feast not only for your eyes, but stomach as well. And we can't forget our stage hands (our bussers and bartenders) who reset our stage without you even noticing. The stage is set, and now all that is needed is YOU!

Reservations for New Years Eve are still available. 
Unlike many other places, we don't change our menu from the everyday selections that you can get here the other 364 days out of the year (except sandwiches), and our prices are exactly the same. Our service is the same on our busiest night of the year compared to any other day. Most reservations wait only 4-5 minutes for their table, if that. We always hear a few days after New Years of the horror stories that many people faced waiting an hour for their reserved table and then waiting another 2-3 hours for their food... well not here!

In accordance with the Uptown tradition, we cover the entire ceiling in balloons. All in all, we always say that the hardest part of New Year's Eve is the preparation beforehand. Once everything is put together, the night just falls into place. We invite you to come spend a fun and festive evening with us and to enjoy the show!

The kitchen serves from 4pm to midnight, and the bar will stay open later.  Please give us a call at 815.224.4545 to make your reservations.

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