Saturday, January 4, 2014

Resolution Scares

With New Year's resolutions starting, it's safe to assume that most of them deal with changing diets and weight watching. While most of our diets fall through after only a few weeks because we crave the burger or french fries, I've stumbled across a recent discovery that might sway you from your temptations. The article explains that most fast food hamburgers contain less that 2% of meat!

In a breakdown of fast food, scientists have found that most of the content of a hamburger ranges between 32-65% water. The rest of the hamburger contains preserved skeletal muscle (which in some cases can be good), but the rest was composed of blood vessels, peripheral nerves, cartilage, and bone. This would mean that a half-pound burger from your average fast food joint would contain less than an ounce of actual meat.  And in some rare cases, some of these places showed signs of ammonia and intracellular parasites (one of the leading causes of food poisoning).

With New Year's resolutions looming over our heads, and with the temptation of a fast meal always nipping at our heals, keep the Uptown in mind. We proudly serve 100% angus beef gourmet burgers that are ready in minutes. With guaranteed fresh toppings, it's hard to beat something truly real and unprocessed.

Plus for those health conscious people actually sticking to their resolution diets, we have a large variety of healthier options to concur your cravings as well. While the fast food chains can give you a meal in 30 seconds, we can promise that our hamburgers are authentic and more satisfying than something that sits under a heat lamp.

Even though we can't beat 30 seconds on a hamburger, we can show you that a few more minutes of waiting means longer satisfaction in the end.

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