Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 10 Diets of 2013

With each new year, everyone always vows to move to a healthier lifestyle for a better year. And every year, there are always new diets and dieting fads that people get duped into trying in order to find that magical cure to their weight issues. Last year, raspberry keytones were the "in thing" that turned out to be extremely hazardous to one's health. I just came across an article that shows the top 10 diets of 2013 that sparked the most interest by the American people.

10. Flexitarian Diet - Loose vegetarian diet where the dieter will occasionally bend and eat a piece of chicken or fish for added protein.

9. Pescetarian Diet - Vegetarian diet where the dieter is allowed to eat only fish.

8. Fruitarian Diet - Dieters eat nothing but fruit in a variety of ways.

7. Omnivore Diet - It is merely a diet in which one eats all things: dairy, wheat, red meat, gluten, fish. No dietary plan or caloric counting plan is associate with this.

6. Okinawa Diet - Consists of fresh vegetables, tofu, whole grains and fatty fish, and encourages moderation with all things sweet, alcoholic or with saturated fats.

5. Ketogenic Diet - Champions high-protein, high fat foods and banishes any hint of added sugar or refined carbs

4. Master Cleanse Diet - The diet consists of eschewing food in favor of a homemade cocktail of water, lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

3. Mediterranean Diet - The heart-healthy, longevity-promoting Mediterranean diet emphasizes polyunsaturated fats, fresh fruits and veggies and nuts, beans and seeds.

2. Juice Cleanse Diet - Atone for previous episodes of decadence by consuming nothing but juiced fruits and veggies for three to 14 day increments.

1. Paleo Diet - Also known as the Caveman or Stone-Age diet focuses on eating whole foods and avoiding foods made from refined sugar, along with flour and processed meat.

With whatever diet you may or may not follow, it always leads me to believe that people are influenced by what works for other people instead of what's best suited to their lifestyle. In either sense, it's likely true that by the end of 2014, most of these dieting trends will not even be on this list. Something new and popular will be thought of, and everyone will hope that the end-all, cure-all, magical weight loss treatment will be found. But in the doesn't hurt to try.

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