Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Around the Uptown:
New Style for 2014

As 2013 closed and 2014 began, we decided it was time for a change... time to change the dining room uniform. Always a challenge!

Trying to find something that fits the likes of 20-25 women - while also being able to match that style with something for the guys - is no easy task. Over the years, we have been through a little bit of everything along the avenue of fashion, and because half of our staff has been around for 15 years or more, most of them know what works and what doesn't work (only adding to the complications). Here are some of the excuses and reasons that some uniforms just don't work:

  • it fades too fast
  • denim is too heavy
  • khaki makes the butt look big
  • dress shirt with collar is too difficult to keep wrinkle free when working 5 or more shifts a week
  • our last uniform led to complaints of shirts being "too tight"
  • white for obvious reasons (dirt and stains) just does not work
  • can't do long sleeves because it's "too hot" in the summer time
  • the apron only "has one pocket or the pocket isn't big enough for my book"

That's just a sampling of the reasoning we've heard over the years on why some styles just won't do. Never mind the fact that we have a hard enough time getting our staff to wear red on Valentines Day or put on a Santa hat for Christmas Eve.

I still have no idea how my Grandpa got all those women to wear those stylish German outfits down at the Red Door?! He is more talented than me. To steal a line from our nearby competition, "You think this is easy?"

So, when we put a uniform together we have to take all of these things into consideration. How will it wear? Will it get dirty? Is it easy to maintain and keep wrinkle free over the course of a week? Are there options where the staff can go long or short sleeve based upon the season? Is the majority of staff okay with it? The list really is endless. Not to mention that Rita is primarily working with four other men in management... which certainly can't help the decision making process. What do us men know about anything, let alone fashion?

Eventually after the bickering ended and the fashion shows were complete, all of us were able to finally agree. We stuck with the black theme. We changed the shirts from our stretch fit with logo shirts, to a lighter, long or short sleeve v-neck style (perfect for summer or winter). And we decided to change the apron (yes, two big pockets) to a classy, lengthy pinstripe!

We hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do.

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