Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Nothing beats the thought of a home cooked meal, especially when it involves comfort food. The hearty dishes and family gatherings in homes are something that people in the restaurant business are trying to emulate on a daily basis.

While this week we saw one day of warmer weather before the cold came crashing in again, we decided to help ease the pains of winter with a comfort food of our own... with the classic Uptown twist of course!  This week we are featuring our rich and decadent lobster mac and cheese. 

We combine tillamook cheddar and mascarpone cheese with fresh macaroni. But to give it that signature Uptown flavor, we mix in real Maine lobster meat to give it an upscale approach to a rather down-home tradition. Mixed with just a hint of saffron, we then bake it was a panko crust to seal in the cheesy concoction.

From past experience, I can promise you that this dish is not one that stays on our menu very long due to the demand of our customers. So bring your friends and family, leave the pots and pans at home, and let us do the work for you. We're positive that we can create the ultimate comfort dinner for you... minus the hassle of course!

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