Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post Holiday Parties:
Do It Like We Do

Whew! It's finally over. Well, it's close to finally over. As usual, December was our busiest month of the year. It's funny how that happens, too, because the first 2 weeks of December are typically two of the slower weeks of the entire year. Then, when all is said done we finish with the busiest month of the year. That should give you some indication of just how crazy those last two weeks of December are for us. When it's over, we all breathe a big sigh of relief because we are whooped!

After the dust settles and we put New Year's Eve in our rear view mirror, we look forward to our very own Christmas Party! Which by the way will take place Monday evening January 6th. We will be open for lunch from 11 until 2pm Monday, but we will not be open for dinner Monday evening. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday the 7th. 

But, if your business is anything like ours, December is just too busy to even think about planning a party. So do it like we do it, and have your party after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Although we have been doing things this way for years, it seems like that is becoming the new trend across many industries. Just as an example, we don't have our banquet facility available on a Saturday night until late February and even have all of our Friday nights booked through January. You guessed it... for company Christmas parties!

While our banquet facility might already be reserved on the weekends, there is no reason that your company can't have their gathering on a weeknight. Typically through January, our weeknights are quiet. The weekends are chaotic. We all have gift cards to use up, don't we? So why not get away from the crowds, sit back, relax and don't be cramped. Call us today to bring in your employees from the office or plan a gathering for all the ladies on your nursing floor. It may not be a Friday or Saturday night, but there's no reason you can't party like it is one! If you need any tips on how to get through the day after, just ask our "professional" staff!

Cheers, and thanks for another great year! We truly appreciate your continued patronage. We look forward to extending the holidays with you, through January.  Tune in next week to see how we celebrated ours!

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