Thursday, February 13, 2014

Set the Valentine's Mood: Common Aphrodisiacs

Love is in the air! For those of you who have forgotten, or for you last minute shoppers, Valentine's Day is this Friday. It's a time of setting the "mood" and showering your significant other with gifts and love that we typically don't express other times of the year.

Many of us are not that good at expressing how we feel or how to set this "mood," so the Uptown is making it easy for you with different types of aphrodisiacs. Putting it simply, an aphrodisiac is a substance; mostly associated with food, that creates a heightened sense of pleasure for someone who indulges in them.

One of the most popular and well known is the oyster. The famous lothario, Casanova, was said to have eaten 50 oysters a day for breakfast. High in zinc, oysters help boost testosterone in men, increasing their libido. Honey is another food that help vitality in both male and females alike. Sticky, sweet, and sensuous, honey contains natural sugars that provides a quick energy boost.

Another popular item that is typically associated with Valentine's Day is chocolate. Healthy for you in small amounts, it contains antioxidants, and dark chocolate is known to be good in small amounts for the heart. Containing small traces of caffeine, chocolate is a perfect pick me up for when the time is right. An aphrodisiac that many people do not know boosts men's libido is the pomegranate. Scholars argue that when Eve tempted Adam with the apple, it may have actually been a pomegranate. While we may not know for sure how it happened, it is hard to deny the allure of the deep ruby red seeds of the tempting fruit.

In one way or another, you can find all these food items on our menu daily. Some advice to all you last minute men out there: Let the Uptown do the work for you. There are still plenty of reservations left for Friday and Saturday night for you to come and put on your moves. With just one reservation, we can do all the work for you, while you take all the credit! Call us now at 224-4545 and see what puts you in the mood.

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