Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shrimp & Bowtie Pasta

With the holiday weekend over and it being the second busiest day of the year behind New Year's Eve, we always like to look back and see what sold and what didn't. While you'd think it would be something like prime rib or lobster tails, it was actually something a little less expensive.

Since this item sold so well and many people did not get the chance to try it, we're extending this hot ticket item for a little while longer. This popular entree is our shrimp and asparagus bowtie pasta. We saute shrimp with fresh asparagus, sun-dried and grape tomatoes and toss it with a tomato basil cream sauce over fresh bowtie pasta.

While I can only tell you how good this pasta is in words, don't just take it from me... take it from the countless other diners that tried it this weekend. Even though we're not surprised that our food sells well (considering we served over 750 people in two days), it's not everyday that our pastas lead the race for supreme cuisine.

But the final vote is up to you. Served with a glass of merlot, this simply constructed dish is guaranteed to leave you feeling full, but not weighed down.

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