Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Favorites:
New February Cocktails

Love is in the air here at Uptown Grill! With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we have changed up our drink specials once again. Keeping with the idea of love and the Valentine holiday, we have added some amazing martinis and a classic cocktail with an Uptown twist.

We have been experimenting with blood oranges this season, both in the kitchen and behind the bar. We have used fresh blood orange slices in our Blood Orange Mojito, and now we have infused Absolut Vodka. We are featuring our house made Blood Orange Infused Absolut in two cocktails this month.

First we have our Blood Orange Cosmo. We put a spin on our Classic Cosmo, using our infused vodka. Garnished with a fresh slice of blood orange, this drink would be perfect to have through dinner, or even as a dessert cocktail.

Next we have our version of the Cherub's Cup. This is a classic cocktail made with St. Germain Elderflower Liqueor, vodka or gin, and sparkling wine. While the St. Germain is a must in this drink, the mixing spirit can be tweaked a bit. The blood orange infused vodka makes another appearance in this cocktail, leaving a sweet and dry taste on the palate, plus a cocktail that is very appealing to the eye! 

Lastly we are featuring a Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini. Perfect for after Valentine's Day dinner, this martini is made with Stoli Chocolat Kokonut vodka, creme de almond, and cream. We drizzle chocolate syrup in the glass and garnish this drink with a hand dipped chocolate covered cherry.

Bring your special someone down for the upcoming holiday and give one of these tasty drinks a try. We are taking reservations for both Friday, February 14th and Saturday, February 15th. Spots are filling up fast, so make sure to call soon!

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