Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hailing from the land down under, our chef has brought in fresh Barramundi just in time for Mother's Day. Barramundi, also know as the Asian seabass, is the most popular fish found on tables all throughout Australia.

Named after one of the leading Aboriginal Australian tribes, it has a mild flavor with a white, flaky flesh and low amounts of body fat. Due to the high demand for this fish in Australia, it is not uncommon for the entire country to face inflated import charges due to the over fishing of it off the coasts of many Pacific island countries.

But have no fear of the shortage here, we have plenty go around. We doll up our dish by broiling our fresh Barramundi filet and filling it with crab and shrimp stuffing with an orange hollandaise. The stuffing is the perfect addition to this fish. It allows the light flesh of the fish and the stuffing to stay moist during broiling instead of getting dried out and dense like with a heavier textured fish filet.  Meanwhile, the orange hollandaise leaves a rich and creamy finish on the palate.

Searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift can be hard, but we make it easy for you. Why not just treat her to some family bonding over an elegant, yet affordable, dinner? We'll do the work for you... you can just take all the credit.

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