Friday, April 11, 2014

Patio Daddio:
The Return of Outside Dining

Is anyone ready for Spring? We are!

With the predictions of touching the 70's this week, we set up our screened-in patio and will soon be setting up the sidewalk portion also. We hope to see our tulips popping soon.

Unlike some places that are patio ready only part of the time, we are ready all of the time. Each day, we hold our fingers up to the weather and make our staffing plans accordingly. You also have your choice of exposures. Screened in and covered completely or au-natural outside with splashes of sunlight. We also have roll-out awnings for when shade is needed. You can reserve the patio anytime by clicking here.

So the next sunny warm spring morning when you get our daily special email and you have this nice sunny sidewalk cafe picture staring you down, click click click and make your reservation. We will be ready for you.

If you do not get our daily special email you can sign up here.

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