Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Show of the Season:
Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide

Maybe a little less than 10 years before we started our doing our shows, Tom, Bernie and I fell in love with the music of band called "Clem Snide." Never did I imagine that one day he would play for me. Eef Barzelay is the band's creator and driving force. The band was named after a main character in several novels by William S Burroughs. The music was different. It had an angst and a poetry unlike anything of the day, maybe even still today.

While the entire band still performs, Eef has been making more solo appearances. The show will be a duo and consist of Eef and percussionist. Tom has seen him perform before and can attest to a very interesting stage persona.

From Bluegrass to Partyblues to Dieselbilly to Rockabilly, we try to bring a variety to our Playlist Theater. Please join us for our we think might be one of the best "singer songwriters" we have had here.

To get to know a little of Eef's music, I would highly recommend the CD's "Moment in the Sun" and "The Ghost of Fashion."

This show will be all seated and every seat will have a table. We are limiting ticket sales.

Most likely this will be our last show until the fall. We can't say this for certain, as some summers we have been approached to do a show last minute with someone we could not say no to.

Friday, June 13th at 7:30 PM  |  Tickets $20 General Admission

A few videos to check out:
Clem Snide "Beautiful" (live)

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  1. Thanks for bringnig Eef to Lasalle. Wy wife and I have been huge fans for years and are making the 90 minute drive from Freeport, IL for this. Wouldn't miss it. We look forward to a great night at the Uptown Grill!