Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pork Tacos

We serve our fish tacos on the menu daily, and during Lent, we even served marix marinated shrimp tacos during lent. Now for the warmer season we're serving up smoked pork tacos!

While you're probably imagining the giant smoke pit used by the extreme barbecuers of the world, we're using an less conventional approach using the little known "smoke-a-rama." Though it may sound like a smoking festival that could be interpreted in different ways, this is a pressure smoker. It uses the same techniques of burning wood chips to infuse meat with the smoky flavor, but cooks it in a fraction of the time.

For example, ribs that usually smoke for 12-13 hours can be done in about 4-5 hours, all using the same type of wood, but with extreme pressure. Even though many die hard "cue-eaters" would swear against this, having a giant smoker in our back alley is just not feasible. This allows us to create a smoked product without the city code violations or ordinances being violated in our kitchen because of massive amounts of smoke.

In a pressure smoker, you don't even see the smoke! Our pork is smothered in a southwest herb rub and pressure smoked until it is fall-off-the-bone tender. We then serve it in a soft flour tortilla shell with a housemade smoked paprika aioli, cilantro, and red onion for a kick that will keep you coming back for more.

Served with fresh corn tortilla chips and our spicy adobo sauce, we guarantee that this south of the border treat will surely knock you off your feet!

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