Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chilled Summer Soup Options

The hot and humid summer weather is upon us. And there are some days this time of year that even just eating can make you feel uncomfortable, don't you agree? Out goes the wholesome, hearty meals and in comes the nice and light smaller ones. During these hot summer months, we try to serve items that appeal to those who want to get out of the heat.

We have several amazing salads that would go qreat with a nice refreshing, chilled soup to keep you cool. Yes, I said chilled, as in cold soup that we prepare fresh from scratch each day during these warmer temperatures. Cold soups such as a gazpacho or a vichysoisse have been around for many years.

Gazpacho, for example, is a Spanish soup that originated in the Andalusia region. It is said that this dish may have arrived in Spain via the Moors or the Romans during ancient times. The field workers were the ones who particularly enjoyed this dish with stale bread as it helped them to cool down during the warm summer months. There are many variations of gazpacho, but the common ingredient is typically tomato or other fresh vegetables.

Vichysoisse is another cold soup variation that can also be eaten hot. The term vichysoisse means that the soup is pureed with leek, onions, potato, cream and chicken stock. The origin of vichysoisse is up for debate as French chef Jules Gouffee published a hot version of this soup in Royal Cookery in 1869. However, Louis Diat, a chef from the Ritz-Carlton in New York City, claims that he and his brother would alter the warm potato and leek soup his mother served them by adding milk during the summer months when he was a child. He took that memory with him to New York where he created a cold potato and leek soup and then named it Vichy after a town not far from his home of Montmarault, France.

Keep us in mind during these next few weeks as your light lunch or dinner destination. With as many items to choose from our menu, a nice light soup will sure to help keep you cool as the hot humid weather sets in.

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