Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eef Barzelay Show Recap & Our Fall Line-Up

We loved the unknown. We have not done many show reviews lately. Because of the sparse attendance this past Friday, I want to share Eef. He is definitely one we will want to come back. Next time we hope you do, too, and you will love the unknown.

This time of year is always a hard sell. There is just too much going on. But we did not want to miss our chance to have him here even though it was June. Over the years, I have heard many people rave about his live performances, and personally I fell in love with his music, lyrics and attitude years ago. You do not make a career for all these years unless you do something special or unique. He really has a genre all his own. His videos really do not do his live performances justice.

Mario had Eef's guitar and ukulele mic'ed which is not the easiest way to produce a show. The ukulele glistened, the guitar shimmered, and Eef's voice sparkled. Danny from Wisconsin had a very interesting percussion ensemble. It was only their second night performing together, and he perfectly seasoned the performance.

His playlist included a few interesting covers, a few Clem Snide songs and much of his solo material. He seemed very impressed that a vast majority of the audience knew much of his music. We had people drive from Freeport, IL and Paducah, KY. Towards the end the he did not want to quit and told the crowd "this is the last song," maybe 10 times. This show really was one of my all time favorites.

Here are a few short crowd videos:
Thanks Eef!  In addition, our fall line-up is starting to take shape:

Saturday, September 13th:
The Brother Comatose -The full band - Now on sale (click here for tickets)

Friday, October 3rd:
Griffin House - We are not yet sure of the configure of this show - On sale soon

We regret that Terry Evans has canceled the 10/3 show. If you had already purchased tickets, please contact us.

Saturday, November 1st:
Andy Frasco and the United Nations - The full band - On sale soon

Friday, November 14th:
Michael McDermott and the Westies - The full band - On sale soon

Wednesday, November 26th:
Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts - The full band - On sale soon

Have a great summer and hope to see you!

Thanks for another great year,

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