Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day:
Raising the Steaks

There is probably no better time of the year to talk about our steaks than right before Father's Day and near the beginning of summer grilling season. We take our meats seriously. When I was at the Red Door Inn many years ago, I learned how to hold, cut and prepare all of the best cuts. We still practice it every day here.

We cut all of our own meat. We do this for one reason, and that is so we can control the quality. All of meats come in with at least 3 weeks age, and we extend that even further in house. We have our own commercial cryovac machine to get a nice air-proof storage. This also help us age our meat.

We offer all the main cuts:

Filet - We use only the center cut. The best part of the best part. We have other uses for the tails, tips and the head meat. 10 ounces

New York Strip - AKA The Red Door Sirloin. The was my favorite steak at the Red Door, and it is still my favorite. This steak has a meatier texture and to me the best flavor. 12 ounces

Ribeye - I know people love their ribeyes grilled. To me this loin is meant for roasting because of its structure. It just makes it more tender. It is the most popular, and that is why we offer it both ways. We garlic and herb marinate them. 20 ounces

Prime Rib - We slow-roast ours all day the old fashion way in our 1970 "Alto Sham." I think we have as good a prime rib as I have had anywhere. Available in 12 or 16 ounces. We will have prime rib this Sunday.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops - Ours are cut to the "America's Cut" specification, one and a quarter inch cut, completely trimmed. We then wrap them in in our tasty applewood smoked bacon. Try having them cooked medium sometime. Tender and delicious. 8 ounces, single or doubles.

Lastly our chefs will then cook that steak to perfection on our open flame char-broiler. So treat Dad and yourself this weekend.

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