Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summertime Drinks

One of the greatest challenges to achieving a well-rounded drink menu is creating concoctions for each season.  Keeping up with trending alcohol flavors or determining what is available at any given time of year can be tricky... but we definitely do our best to keep up with the times!

So for a short while - until these trends change again - we're offering a few new drinks from the bar. We'll start off with our housemade sangria. This refreshing drink is a mix of freshly cut pineapple and strawberries mixed with our house chardonnay. It's a sweetened drink that pairs perfectly with a night on the patio.

We're also introducing a drink called a cucumber chiller, a new creation courtesy of our bartender Kim. She muddles fresh mint, cucumber, and sugar with vodka then tops it off with a splash of club soda. This mojito-inspired twist is light, refreshing, and doesn't leave you feeling full like a typical beer or mixed drink would.

Lastly, we have an after-dinner mixed drink that gives the old-fashioned Irish coffee a run for its money. Our cafe cooler is a mix of Jameson Irish whiskey, Guinness beer, and iced coffee with a splash of cream for a cool, after-dinner experience that really gives your coffee even more of an extra kick.

The weather's hot, but the drinks are cool here at the Uptown, where you can always find new and exciting drinks that compete with today's trending liquors. Stop down and try one for yourself!

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