Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
Our 29th Year
By Ryan

This week will be the anniversary of our 29th year in business. Quite an accomplishment. We don'talways like to toot our own horn so to speak, but we did not want to let an anniversary pass by without even a mention. To make it that long requires a dedicated staff and a dedicated customer base so thank you to both for allowing us to be around this long and hopefully much longer.

Every year brings new and interesting challenges to this business. Perhaps our biggest change in year 29 was our menu. Not so much the items on our menu, but how those items were put on display at your table. Our digital menu venture has been the highlight of our 29th year. There have been some bumps and bruises along the way, but overall it's been a welcomed change. We still have some tweaking to our menu that we would like to do and soon we will be installing the next version of bigger and better tablets to our supply. We hope that the upgrade will only enhance the customer experience going forward. 

This year, our playlist theater has seen the likes of old favorite's Griffin House and Miles Nielsen, made the discovery of Andy Frasco and The United Nations, offered up the returns of Sam Llanas, Willie Nile and Bill Kirchen along with first timers Eilen Jewell and, tomorrow. Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide. The Theater continues to bring in new customers from around the country to LaSalle and the Uptown Grill, to see live music. 
The last time we really touted an anniversary was year 25 and we put together a recap of how we started and how we slowly morphed into what we are today. Many of our new readers may not be aware of the "Chapters" we created just a few short years ago. Who knew that so quickly we would have to start working on a new chapter, already 4 years removed, but we should start thinking about it. 

For those interested, here is a link to our story and our history. Here's to you and another year of business. Enjoy!

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