Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lobster & Gnocchi

Usually during the summer, we like to emphasize our lighter dishes to help combat the heat. Honestly, who wants to eat a heavy, thick, and extremely rich dinner and then go out into the 100 degree weather?

So in turn, we're offering broiled lobster tail with ricotta gnocchi and saffron butter. Our cooks broil a generously sized 8-ounce South African Rock lobster tail and serve it over a bed of wilted spinach in a saffron butter with housemade ricotta gnocchi.

Translated from Italian, gnocchi means "knot in wood" due to the process of how they are made. Traditionally, these dumplings are rolled over a knotted board to give them a slight texture.  While the texture makes the dumplings appear like a knot in a piece of wood (hence the name), the purpose is to better hold a sauce.  We make our own gnocchi in house with ricotta cheese to give the pasta a rich, yet light and fluffy texture compared to the denser dumplings, like spaetzle.

Saffron, a spice usually found in middle-eastern cuisine, features both honey and earthy overtones and typically dyes any food it is paired with a pinkish-red hue. Saffron is extremely expensive with a half ounce worth running more than $50.

This elegant, yet lighter dish is worthy of its praise and is sure to provide a unique dining experience that you won't find anywhere else in the area. While summer may be sticking around for a couple months longer, the lobsters never do, so make sure to stop in soon.

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